April 27th, 2020 Camping Season Update

Friends Family and Campers of Greenwood Acres Family Campground,

With the Governor’s recent extension to the “Stay at Home” order, now ending May 15th, we still plan to open for camping June 1st. We will not be permitting access or making appointments for campers to come out until this order is lifted. Since our business does not sustain or protect life, it is not considered essential. We are a seasonal family campground and considered a vacation destination.

This camping season will be unlike any we have had in the past. This does not mean we are unable to enjoy our summer, we will just be doing so in alternative ways. Once we open for camping, we ALL MUST proceed with caution and we ALL MUST continue to practice social distancing. The health and safety of our families is not something we are willing to compromise on. This is one of our biggest priorities, and we appreciate the expected cooperation and understanding from all of our camping guests.

We have no way of knowing at this time if or when we will be able to open our buildings or common areas. Their opening will depend on many future factors pertaining to COVID-19, this will include our restrooms/bath houses. Campers will need to have self-contained waste units for their stay.

Overnight Camping: Any reservations we are unable to host will receive full credit of their payment to their account. You may forward that to a 2021 reservation or request to have it fully refunded. We do have reservations due for arrival after June 1st that we intend to honor and host. Emails will be sent to those who currently have a 2020 reservation, notifying campers that they will need to have self-contained units for their stay. We are not accepting any new short stay or nightly reservations at this time.

Seasonal Camping:  Those who purchased the “Diamond” pass will receive a credit for all spring daily fees and any missed camping starting the Friday of Memorial weekend, up to our opening day. For those that have opted out of the diamond pass, but still paid the “regular seasonal fee” will be receiving a credit for any missed camping starting Friday of Memorial weekend, up to our opening day. We have created an “on-site storage only” option for those that would plan to do little to no camping during the 2020 season but would like to maintain their seasonal site and status for the 2021 season. We created the storage only option to relieve the worry of health and/or financial burdens caused by COVID-19. We are aiming to help as many campers as possible keep their sites for future camping through these uncertain times. Seasonal campers will also be receiving an email with more detailed information for 2020 camping.

Raechel Maurer
Vice President
Greenwood Acres Family Campground
Phone: 517-522-8600
Fax: 517-522-5432
2401 Hilton Rd Jackson, MI 49201

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