Electrical update for July 5, 2018

We are told there is a slight chance you could possibly get an electrical poke off your trailer. It is a slim chance and it isn’t life threatening. For this reason, we are asking everyone to hold off on watering your plants, grass, spraying your trailer or any other water activity on your campsite until this is resolved.
Since Sunday, July 1, we have had 3 reports of electrical pokes. It is very low voltage (9 volts or less). It’s like the little, square battery many kids have stuck their tongue on, out of curiosity.
Tomorrow, July 6 at 6 a.m. Aladdin Electric and our team of staff and volunteers will begin testing again to track down the source of the issue. The power will be turned on and off until the issue is resolved. Together we hope to solve this mystery once and for all.
Again we appreciate the support and understanding so many of you have shown us through this trying time.

Greenwood Acres Family Campground