Buck & Doe On The Go

Deer at Greenwood AcresWow!   Look at ’em go!”   

That’s what I said when I saw two deer high-tailing it through Greenwood Acres Family Campground on opening day of gun season!   I was excited.   “What a site!   Wow!   They’re huge!  I gotta get a shot,”  I exclaimed.  I predicted which way they were heading and  trailed after them.  

Aha!  I got ahead of them in the campground, but they startled me.  I was  so fascinated, as they sprinted up the hill in a zigzag fashion.  I didn’t  aim for a shot.  There wasn’t time.  The overdressed doe running ahead of the buck who was supporting the serious, head dress,  disappeared behind the trees and foliage.  I thought I could see them.  However, I knew it was now or never.  “Click!  Click!  Click!  I took three shots.  But I missed.  Even after I enlarged the pictures  I couldn’t see them.  The trees at Greenwood Acres Family Campground are great for shade and for hiding the wildlife.