Goose Lake Festival

Michigan's own "Woodstock" took place on the grounds of what is now Greenwood Acres! The Goose Lake Festival was held on August 7-9, 1970 and is believed to have around 200,000 attendees for the 3 day music event. The lineup included top international bands, including The Faces with Rod Stewart, Jethro Tull, the James Gang with Joe Walsh, Chicago, Mountain, and Ten Years After, as well as Detroit-area groups such as Savage Grace, the Up, Mitch Ryder & Detroit, Brownsville Station, and the Stooges.

The idea for the outdoor festival was organized by metro Detroiter: Richard Songer, who was successful in construction. Held one year after 1969’s Woodstock, Goose Lake was much more organized than that free-spirited gathering. An ingenious touch was building a revolving stage so that there wouldn’t be a lull between acts. 


goose lake lineup
still there
aerial of goose lake festival


Every year around the Goose Lake Festival anniversary date, there is a Groovin at Greenwood weekend where everyone dresses up in 70's gear and the grooviest band, Magic Bus, comes out to perform for campers. This weekend is as busy and fun as our holiday weekends! The tall stands that once held the speakers at the festival are still standing within the campground today. The foundation of the Rec Center building was once the revolving stage for musicians. The stands that once held the speakers from the festival are still standing today!

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