Seasonal Campers

Greenwood Acres Family Camping & RV Park is the summer home for over 800 seasonal campers who have visited and have chosen to return again and again as seasonal campers.

Greenwood Acres Rules & Regulations

Greenwood Acres Price Sheet 


Site Set Up

Golf Cart Policy

Boat Policy and Registration 

Greenwood Acres Family Campground (GWAFC), seasonal campers know how to enjoy camping without the gas expense and time of moving from their homes to a campsite for the weekends.

Our seasonal campers enjoy the same site every year. They may visit any time they wish and stay as long as they want between April 1st and October 31st.

The seasonal campers at Greenwood Acres Family Campground can leave their boats in the water at their own boat slip.

Many seasonals have their own *shed on their site.  A shed  helps keep their lots clean and tidy while providing them with storage for their summer toys and extra items. (*follow shed rules).

With a seasonal site, campers just get into their vehicle and head for Greenwood Acres Family Campground.  So make your reservation today! Stop by the office or give us a call at (517) 522-8600. 

For Sale List 

As a courtesy to our seasonal campers we maintain a For Sale List for camping and related items. Please notify the office at (517) 522-8600 immediately after your listing sells so that we may remove your item(s) and keep this listing current.~Thank you.

See the office BEFORE buying or selling trailers or other items at Greenwood Acres Family Campground.

Grass Cutters

Would you like to have someone else mow your lot?  Here's a list of grass cutters in the park.

(858) 442-6364 Crystal

(734) 560-5637 Frank

(313) 977-0481 Jenny

(586) 335-3436 Jordan

(517) 522-8600 Campground

Fall Camping

Seasonal campers enjoy fall camping too.

Trailer Winterizing Contacts

For your convenience we have a list of contacts for winterizing your trailer for the off season.

Bill P. (734) 777-1075

Dave W. (586) 553-5906 = (Dave's Done Rite RV Service) 

Matthew W. (734) 377-0473

Mike S. (517) 937-9663

Scott G. (517) 262-1157

Facebook Feed

Hello Everyone, There seems to be a lot of questions regarding the activities and the website. We are looking forward to some new features with the site and our reservations. The activity schedule has been held up by some entertainment bookings and plans for some unique activities. It will be a summer to remember. The schedule will be available on the website when the website goes live again soon. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago


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Just wondering. I know there is a pool and a recreation room. Is there any exercise equipment?

I look forward to spending another great summer at GWA. Spring can’t come soon enough for me.☺️

So excited to spend summer at Greenwood acres.. When will prices be available.. Would love to get a spot for the whole summer...

Come on April 1st!!! Can’t wait to see all of you and my favorite little Dutchman! 😉

I sure hope we can have more kids activities throughout the day. Not just the rec room where $$$ is spent. We use to camp and they would have cartoons and coloring all day and then game time and a paid craft 2xday.

Hopeful for seasonal!🤞🤞🤞🙏🙏🙏🙏

so how do we get update list of whats for sale??

When are seasonal spots available????

Can't wait

Missi Minix Latter

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The website is being upgraded. Sorry for the inconvenience.
On another note, it was fun to see so many people come out to the park in spite of the weather. Winter is flying by whoo hoo!
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3 weeks ago


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Friday, July 31 and Saturday, August 1 is the Halloween Weekend

I need to know the date of Halloween camping weekend. Please

I think its July 31..but call office to make sure

Happy New Year!!
We have started a small waiting list for 2020 Seasonal campsites. If you are interested in a 2020 Seasonal here at beautiful Greenwood Acres Family Campground, please call our office at 517-522-8600 during regular business hours. Space on the list will be limited to 50 names.
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1 month ago


Comment on Facebook

Do do still have the giant slide?

Robin Ferstle Brown

Justin Haggadone

Greenwood Acres is covered in.....I would post a pic but it may be deemed inappropriate for FB. After all, it is a four letter word. We will be open Sunday, November 17 from noon to 3pm. Only the main roads are plowed. Perhaps some of the .... will be melted by then. ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago


Comment on Facebook

Wish they had live web cams so we could visit campground in winter


... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago


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Office open 9-5 on weekdays

Why is today not April 1st? And no this is not a

Super excited to camp with you all next year! We just secured a seasonal site last month! Can’t wait

Thanks for another great season...6 and counting

Was hard to leave this year. Waited until the very last very rainy day!

Omg I miss GWA so much and the warm weather too!! Only 5/6 more months. That seems like forever!! 🤦‍♀️😑

I miss my neighbors and friends already. Can’t wait to see you all again !

I miss you all is it April yet

What days can call to book for 2020 season

GWA Looks lonesome

Looks empty



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Working on the boat dock


Comment on Facebook

Ask the office I don't think so they stopped that awhile ago dock only for fishing, I could be wrong.

Soooo... will we be able to dock the boat here for a bathroom break or snack refill?

Casey Schmidtke the kids are going to love the new dock to fish 🎣


That spot looks familar

Looking good

Looks good

Lookin good...

Jennifer Farley

Joe L. Gagnon

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Coming October 15, 2019
at 10am
On behalf of Greenwood Acres Family Campground we are proud to announce that we are going to be releasing several seasonal sites Starting Tomorrow Morning at 10am. Because we would like to make this a fair process for new seasonal campers looking to join the GWA family, we are not releasing the location of the seasonal sites until the day of at 10am. There will be no waiting lists for these sites AT ALL. Sites will be released at 10am on a first CALL, first choice bases. A $200 non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your Seasonal site. You're welcome to arrive in person however, we will ONLY be answering the phones at 10am. We are excited to welcome new families that we hope to see grow into the future with us. ❤️❤️
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4 months ago


Comment on Facebook

Many sites still available!! As of this exact moment we still have sites on 8th street sites 30-35 & 51-56. 26-9th, 39-16th and 72-Tomahawk.

Yes, current seasonals my call for a different site. 10am. We have 2 phone lines, so keep trying if the lines are busy.

Last Seasonal Site Available is 72 on Tomahawk.

Samantha, if you would like to speak to someone in the office, provide your number and we will be happy to answer your questions. Or you may call anytime between 8am-8pm until we close October 31. 517-522-8600

How much is a seasonal I’ve tried calling several times and it just rings

Are the current seasonal allowed to call and possibly get a different site?

I'm on number 73 for phone calls. No one is answering! Ugh

I'm confused. It starts at 10 yet you aren't answering the phone after 10??

Will the locations be listed at 10am as well? Or do i have to call find out sites?

Thank you love, I will be calling them to see what they have available

How wonderful for people on list to get in our great campground!

How does the season payment work also how much

How soon do you have to occupy the lot?

I take it there is currently no waiting list?

20 on 24 St has it all.

i'm selling my whole setup on a lot. PM me and i'll send ya details

Anyone know if any lakefront lots are available??

So you have to call only to get what is available

Can someone explain the diamond pass?

Omg I want to camp thats awesome!

Kim Leppert

Katie Johnson for your cousins mom.

Mary Baumgardner Horn

Dwayne Harris

Greenwood Acres Family Campground How do the payments work?

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Glad you enjoyed the band! ... See MoreSee Less

5 months ago


Comment on Facebook

They were good. When it started raining they played the temptations...I wish it would rain lol. I love that song.

The band is awesome

Great band had fun as always

Still running there always great

Wonderful Band

Band was awesome

who was it?

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6 months ago


Comment on Facebook

Very nice!!!

Love it

Nice love it

... See MoreSee Less

6 months ago


Comment on Facebook

Really loved this place after a visit with my sister in law. Met alot of very sweet people. Hope to go back again

No fall means camp season is almost over

So sad that fall in coming at a great rate of speed. Well all know what's next after that,😢

Beautiful sign just needs better lighting.

Top fan badge

My parents have a trailer there for I think 20 some yrs, We loved going up there and so did my kids. His name was Eugene Mashike.

Miss this pleace

Have any rustic sites for.this weekend?

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